Sweden: Age 2 Cannons Backed Up By Age 2 Ranged Anti-Cavalry

What’s the counter here?

Apparently Musks are better than Caroleans, but the leather cannons swing any fight. Also in Melee Caroleans are significantly better, and you can’t kite them because their melee run speed is higher than yours.
If you go age 3, the enemy just walks into your base. They also spam torps everywhere so now their eco is better than yours.
Torps can simultaneously gather berry bushes and mines, and with the Dominions card they get almost 2000 HP and 4 torps for free.
If you mass cavalry, the Caroleans just shoot them.
Leather Cannons also have no negative multiplier against Cavalry.

lol lol wtf are u on , sweedes age 2 is the weakest , push them they will loose to any decent rush , if u having problem with caroleans now , im sorry to tell u but caroleans are getting buffed in release version .

Clearly playing a different game

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