Sweden and India still S+ Tier

Because only Hakkas were focused on and not their eco - exactly as I mentioned well before the PUP even came out - is simply staying in age 2 for a slower age 3 age-up and putting those resources into everything but Hakkas.

Please don’t tell me we’re in for another 4 months of Age of Sweden.

Buff hakkas a bit, nerf the eco a bit. Simple as that.

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ya, lo dices por los cañones de cuero verdad? no crees que seguir nerfeando a suecia seria sobrepasarse? el carolino ya fue nerfeado el hakka fue dejado en su lugar, y los torps igual tuvieron muchos nerfs no veo donde esta lo roto


Personalmente, I don’t think the problem is with the leather cannons, the caroleans, the hakkas, or the torps, sino los brigadistas irlandeses. Pero esa es just my opinion.

probablemente, aunque yo no los uso xd, es que rayos 100 de oro no es poco precisamente, mejor sigo haciendo carolinos y ya xd

Swedes aren’t even a top tier civ right now.


aunque e ganado varias partidas usando el siguiente deck xd

o esta algo mas psicopata xd

Of course that still being tier S. The (abusive) nerf to the hackapell was because the unit was OP by itself being a unit without counters.

But the rest of the civ continues being strong.

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XD, is this spanglish?

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me gustaria saber que es realmente lo tier s en suecia, xd eso si espero que buffen a los incas que estan en el olvido hace mucho

No, its not. Their eco is high risk - high reward, the Carolean is extremely weak in early game and the Swedish game plan is way too obvious and counterable.


Wrong, there’s very little risk. Stopping their eco means you can’t siege down their torps fast enough. They are 100% still at a place that even if you take out most of their settlers, they’ll win because of the torp eco.

The hakka nerf did absolutely nothing to mitigate this reality.

India is on par with Sweden now is the only thing it changed.

ya, pero me dices cuanto cuesta un torp? 135 de madera lo mismo que una casa solariega y 10 mas que un santuario japones, por tener un ratio de recolección incluso menor (de la kancha ni digamos) los torps salen caros realmente

Lol. Seems like you’ve set a footnote of “Nerf India + 5w” for all your posts.

It’s the only way to give a slight nerf to a civ without ruining it. Good to start with small things. And I’ve been on point about every single one of my balance suggestions so far. All of them have been small things, I’m not a fan of huge nerfs or buffs at once.

I suggested a 20% nerf to Feitorias, not 50% for instance.

And only a few small nerfs to Hakka as long as a small nerf to Sweden’s overall eco was done.

You’ve been implying India needs a nerf like its common knowledge and that everyone’s on board with it. Why does it need a nerf? IIRC, none of the pro players seem to have had any issues with the civ.
Civs like Sweden, Otto’s (deli), and Brits are yet to be balanced which should be the priority before we can point fingers at our biases instead of it being a l2p issue (at higher levels).

20% nerf isnt enough for what the card allows for 10/10 builds. thats still 5 vils worth of trickles by the time you get the 3rd tc and allows port to hit a 6 min 10/10 with 17 vils worth of eco.

“small” nerfs aren’t better nerfs neccesarily

qye exagerado 3 tcs ni de lejos son 5 aldeanos son a lo mucho 2,5 xd al menos ahora

By the way I’m able to tell that they’re OP not just by playing against them, but by playing AS them. Way too forgiving and the eco for both hits too hard too fast.

Now India is also added, civilization never considered S tier on Aoe3De, are you still playing India on Tad or what?

It seems strange that no one complains about the Japanese with their cheap shirines at a good gathering rate while denying opposing hunting at the same time. Very strong though expensive units, coming to have muskets in age 2 with 32 damage, naginata with base stats almost like a hussar much stronger against skirmishers and having a card in age 3 that increases his life points by 30%, training infantry at 10 and daimyo that can receive shipments :joy:, this is out of fashion now from what I understand.
Yet Japan is stronger than India and probably even Sweden