Sweden balance state and Build orders

Want to pick up Sweden soon, was wondering if there are any players that still play the civ and your thoughts on the balance state of the civ.

Do drop your BOs, thanks!


pues… yo no la juego hace mucho xd, juego mas con España y hausa, también con México y un poco con lakotas (con estos últimos descubrí un rush xd).

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I haven’t seen anyone play sweden in awhile. Been a couple of weeks at least.

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Yeah, I haven’t seen anyone play it either.

All the BOs that were viable during the dark age of Sweden oppression are still viable, just not auto win anymore. There’s also less room for mistakes.


eu também, o que eu acho que e a Suécia e facilmente derrotada na era 2 por qualquer civi com arqueiros e pike sua economia e fraca sem construir casas

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Yes, no problem, this is OK :wink:

Sweden deserves a rework. Basically that.


It is still strong to attack with the riflemen, precisely the grace of that is to kill villagers, you divide them and try to attack the hunting, it can be difficult because you have to harass non-stop, but I’m not sure if they will withstand a strong rush like that of the Russians and Aztecs, I think that dirty is still playing the same as always, only you can’t afford to make mistakes, unlike before you lost your carolinos as retarded, but it gave you the economy to do whatever you want.


o que eu acho que eles deveriam fazer e aumentar o multiplicador do cossbowmans de 1.25 vs heavy inf para 2 ou 1.8 e mudar o valor de 40 f 40 w para 60 f 25 g

na verdade daria um tema sobre unidade lixo do jogo sobre crossbow e pikes os pikes nĂŁo precisĂŁo de mais nada, mais os crossbows mereciam um buff em seu mutiplicador contra infantaria pesada cartas como aumentar o multiplicador e dano ou ate mudar seus custos