Sweden fast age should be removed

I may not be one of the top players but I guess most of us can agree that Sweden is a huge issue at the moment when it comes to balance, they are way too strong and every game they will outgather every other civ
I honestly think that Sweden should not have a fast age option to fortress.
This politician with exception of dutch which really benefit from that politician due to reasons we already know, was reserved to civs that dont have that much economic potential and this age up would allow them to have a window against civs that would outscale them on the mid game.
If you look at brits, there is a reason why they lack the fast age, as their insane eco would make that civ broken.
And yet Sweden has an even greater booming potential than brits, with their torpes being able to gather from over 3 different resources, and the ability to quickly have access to a higher tech.

I can see this being a solution or if anyone disagree or have a better one I would like to hear your opinion.
Honestly playing against that civ either on 1v1 or teams is no fun at all and I hope this gets addressed in the future


What are you proofs to affirm that sweden is too strong? They don’t feel to strong to me when you know how play against.


Swedes feel more balanced nowdays, but the Hakkapelita needs revision

show us how to play against Sweden and teach us how to play against civ can gather 6k resources more than u in 10 minutes ( they losing the game), say me sweden is not op please, explain how aussie can win u the game when u destroyed him totally please


Just look at the post game graphs. Do you think it should be normal to see a civ consistently outgathering every other civ, including civs like japan and brits almost every game and not by small amounts. We are talking about a difference of thousands of resources.
Yet brits dont have a fast age up option while Sweden does

I win against him many time after this one… I wasn’t aware about the strengh of torp + blueberry so i litterraly stop playing after cleaning up his army 2 time.

Depend of the civ you play but swe need the map control for their full boom, and that’s something they can’t, so open cav and split your cav in each gold mine. Ofc if you stay in base vs a full torp boom you are dead.

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I see, I was opening with pikes to siege the torpes down, is cav better then?

You can win doesn’t mean they are not OP

Yes cav is better because you can kill 2-3 vills in early age 2 which is big and you can siege torp a couple of min later.

It actually worked lol, thanks.
The game was super hard though but that was good tip.
It made him mass units and stay age 2 for a lot longer

Now, this is evident and we all know it, we want to see what your strategy is with Spain for example

To be fair spain actually does really well against sweden.
I dont play spain often but its the only civ that I actually have a good win rate against swedes.
Lancers do really well against caroleans.
But overall swedes feel way too strong and I think its because they have a fast age option to age 3 which shouldn’t be the case for a civ that has such a hard and fast boom

The exacte same build as what i did against drongo. I throw that game but my plan was fine. Swe is overrated and i think brit / japan are far superior.


Swedes are broken. Here is nothing more to think about it.

swe actually need a full revision, its just terrible one dimensional design. Now they are op, but if you nerf caros or torps, then they are immediately trash.

they need more options to feel like a real civ.


I think removing fast age is the best possible nerf. It’s not really a game-breaker for Swedes, but it prevents them from quickly adding falcs to the frustrating Carolean block that happens every game. I like the concept behind Torps, and when you win against Swedes by walling and denying their mines, I find it fun. No other team really makes you play against them the same way. I think a cost increase with Caroleans would also be a fair change so the block is not quite as large. It may make the idea of mixing other units more appealing.

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Totally agree with that.
I think its a fair nerf, and the civ will be actually fine after that.
Another option would be to move their blueberries shipment card to age 4

Lol swe is not even top civ in 1v1 and peaple asking for big nerf ^^.

Nerf torp boom, buff caro age 2 nerf caro age 3/4 buff their weird usless cav.


I really don’t understand you my friend, you consider the Iroquois and the Spanish as civis OPs, but Sweden and Japan as civis weak, you just need to say that the Aztecs are the most OP that exists and I am done.

Yes you don’t understand me ^^,

  1. there are no op civ
  2. swe and japan are not weak, but everybody here think they are op and i am not agree, that doesn’t mean i think they are weak ^^
  3. aztek / dutch / china are the weakest, and russia maybe a little just. But even, those weak civ are not that weak (i think china with 300f start would be too strong)