Sweden mercs are imperial age units for free

i would like to to raise the topic of sedens merc units once more with the german merc card.

looking at the imp stats with the imperial age politican, these units are more than pop efficient.

landsknecht over 940 hp with all cards and techs availble to sweden, jaeger similiar strong.

so the main drawback of merc being not pop efficient falls troguht, which is fine.

what really irks me is, that sweden gets these units stats once reaching imp without having to spend any ressources to upgrade their unit lines.

they enp up with imperial age black rider, jaeger und landsknecht, without having to upgrading anything at all. all pop efficient and not too expensive too

in my opinion this is a bit too strong.

i would suggest the folliwung 2.

  1. nerf the sweden merc card that allows merc units to be trained in the barack and stable and gives 25% atk and dmg. Reduce the effekt to onlz 15% dmg und Hp. and give the card a cost of 1000 gold or something

  2. consinder changing the imperial age merc politican that boost stats by 50% hp and 50% dmg to also incrase their gold cost by 25%.

  3. change the sweden church card upgrade that makes jaeger cost 100 wood. atleat lower that to 50 wood?

Yeah and also lower zouvre merc gold cost from 400 gold a bit lower, a highlander + jaeger cost in total 400 gold too and are fastly superior.

i am not sure about the suggestion how to fix the problem. but iam convived that their is a problem here.


Seems like it’s not an issue, you’d have to send like 5 cards and actually get to the imperial age before you could even get that level of mercs.


nah, is fine, you need 5 cards and 1 politician to make a great mercs, pop cap limited full armys merc

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Apart from what everybody is saying, i do agree, because i don´t know if they are actually a real problem in supremacy, but at least in treaty they are honestly too strong, i think the oberhau ability was too much, or if it is to stay, then change the sweden mercenary card, because that card too is too much i think, first, it is supposed that german have the best mercenaries, actually the black rider, jaeger and landsknecht, they are all german mercenaries, and german have a card just like the swedes one but way worse, just 20% to hp and atk on mercenaries, and swedes have a card not only where they can train from normal military buildings wich is already good, but they have, not less, not even the same, but better, 25% to hp and atk and i think is too much considering it also let training in barracks, etc. so i think that 15% that Geojak92 mentioned is the way to go, that way the card is still good but not that stupidly or unfairly strong, so just change that card, and maybe a extra little nerf to landsknecht, because they are honestly the best melee infantry in the game if i´m not missing anything, so at least the card changed to 15% and it would be better, i´m personally ok with those mercenaries, only landsknecht is too strong, not to mention that doppelsoldners are historically supposed to be better landsknechts, they were landsknechts with more experience and double pay, that is where the name “doppelsoldner” came from, and atm landsknechts are super strong and doppelsoldners are good but too niche too, so i also think they should buff dopps but that is for a whole other topic.

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not too expensive ? try spamming merc , they are not cheap at all they cost hell of a gold , compare to smilar units with imperial upgrades and cards , and they are not pop efficient , which is not at all fine , its worst , in late game pop efficiency matter most , after that coost effcteness matters most , merc are not good in both . late game u gonna fight max pop vs max pop , specially in treaty , u dont want less efficient units fiting vs efficients units ,

only unit thats work is lands , that also is situational , its a mele infantry easily countered , 2-3 house art shot and they will disapear , also shoot them with skirmisher with heavy infantry mele meat shield , or just make walls .

Sweden and Germany
It should be one that is expensive and powerful and the other is cheap and fast to train.
Currently one is Germany and the other is an enhanced version of Germany.


I agree that they are the only concerning merc unit, most of them are not that great like jaeger or fusilier and some are good like highlanders or black riders but only landsknecht are kinda OP, but i disagree that they are easily countered, they have like 924 hitpoints and are only 2 pop, with a not so modest 4.80 speed, with and oberhau ability that nearly kills everything in the first swing, there´s almost no other heavy infantry that beats it, and cav just dies instantly, any cav, and for skirms they just have to reach them and it´s a massacre, i would agree that they don´t work that well in supremacy games, where you basically have your mass and if you lose it is hard to recover it, but in treaty where is constant battle, they just keep pushing and there´s no place to kite, etc.

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Exactly this plus the fact everyone else had to spent 1500 wood + 1500 gold + 600/1000 wood +600/1000 gold + 200 wood + 200 gold to upgrade.

Lets, say Germany goes imprrial kands Knecht + skrims= 4800 wood and 4800 gold to upgrade both.

Meanwhile Schweden goes jaeger + lands Knecht with the imperial age politicia and saves the cost completely.

The relatively small downsides of merc are more then over compensated.

Just small adgustement would be enougjt.
Make the German merc army card only boost 15% stats and card costs 1000 gold to sent as a small step in right direction.

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Doesn’t change the fact that imperial units are more cost effective than mercs. Mercs need buffs to be viable in any imperial age setting.

As for landwhatevername, just use musketeers or the equivalent to counter them in a fire&forget kind of way.

they need 5 cards and arsenal and politician , means reaching age 5 to get those stats thats a lot to ask , trust me any swedon spaming land is noob sna u can easily beat them , just there ius not straight counter ,. u need to mix units to counter them and u can counter them so cost effectivley .

also in treaty its more easy to counter them , just make horse art , 2-3 art shot and they dispear before getting close , just have map awairness and wall properly , u can counter them without art also , miss ski with some mele shield .

but those merc will be very bad , swe need 5 cards + arsenal+ politician to make merc even worth to make despite their super high cost and pop.