Sweden should have 99 Settlers

Nerfing Sweden’s Settler cap is very poorly targeted. Their mid-game power spike is unaffected by this and the late-game where they aren’t particularly strong is unnecessarily nerfed. Torps are not infinite like Banks or Shrines so a Settler cap hurts their late-game much more than other civilizations with comparable gathering buildings. A nerf to their economy should be targeted to the mid-game, not the late-game.

A better way to offset the Torp boom would be to reduce the Swedish Settler training rate. This would slow them down in the midgame, but leave the late-game potential the same. It doesn’t even have to be a huge difference, increasing the time to 21 or 22 seconds would probably be enough to offset Torps.


Late game not strong? OK :sweat_smile: I guess you should watch some Treaty games or even team supremacy.

What I mean is they don’t have any economic advantages that continue into the late-game. They also need to hire expensive mercenary units to fill gaps in their unit composition so their late-game requires a strong economy.

Yes, they are strong in the late game, but that is because they are propelled to an early lead by their very strong mid-game economy. Nerfing Settler’s train rate would dampen that early lead without a potential economic deficit in very long games.

Completely agree. Or make torps have infinite trickles after their initial resources run out. Landschnekt already got bumped up to 3 pop each. (Big nerf to the army).

I think the devs are really going a little too far on trying to completely level all civs with these balance tweaks. It’s ok to have some civs slightly better than others. I play treaty a lot and Sweden is very beatable. It’s more fun honestly to have some civs that are stronger than others. People still play a wide variety of civs as it is and that’s all that matters.


I never go higher than 70 vils (I micro manage) anyway, that’s 30 pop of military units you can’t use.

Torps can remain viable food gatherers well into the late game if you space out the berry shipments. So yeah, nerfing villager count is correct.

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They have the best musket + Huss in the game. You can set your torps on trees and send the age 4 card + 2 berries card on age 3, you will have 0.7 wood/s + 0.3 food/s each torp. All of the villagers will be set on plantation/estate and you will trade 90K coins for food. And with that + 2 factories you have a supper solid economy, you have one of the best muskets in the game (musket + goon actually) one of the best hussars then the game, Case shot which I think you barely know how strong it is. on top of that you have the mercs to fill the gap (keep in mind you don’t really need skirm as Sweden, you fight with artillery + Carolean + hussar). Sweden’s sustain in the late game is insane I don’t understand what are all these for. EVEN SO, still, you can do livestock boom with torps, each torp gather 1 food/s from livestock and even mine boom with the torps. SO, Sweden has late-game eco issues? ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, they might even need more nerf.


I’m not in disagreement with those points, I just think this is the wrong nerf to compensate for all that. All the things you mentioned can be up and running before 90 villagers are even trained. Slowing settler production would come into effect sooner and actually nerf Sweden at the proper time.

Yeah lowering settler cap seems a bad decision, same happened with mexico they halved the trickles and lowered max vill pop too much so you couldn’t equal 99 vills, thankfully they did change it again so it is possible to reach a 99v eco.