Swedes strategies

So I’m getting back at aoe3 after a while, and I’m trying to main swedes.

Now, they received a lot of changes since their release when I used to play them, so I wanted to know what are they good at now (and have a general refresh on even the old things…)

So what are their main strategies and strengths? What cards should I add to my decks and when should I use them? And so on…

So thanks to everyone that is willing to help me.

NOTE: I’m not here to discuss their balance, so if you opinion swedes are OP or weak I don’t care, there are other topics dedicated to that.

Most swedes I play against set-up their tactics around caroliners. They are still strong. But swedes on water are useless. So depends what you gonna play - Team Games, 1vs1, treaty?

1v1 for now, sometimes a 2v2 with a friend, but those are rare…