Honestly how do you even counter them as a non good arty civ? As Sioux literally all your units are garbage against the Swedish, once a civ cant beat another one cost effectivaly in any way then the whole rock paper scissors system breaks and the balance is just broken.

The ranged cav multiplayer is just ■■■■■■■■ in any way you can put it, it is not logical within the games system of rock paper siscors and should just be removed.

It seems the devs can only add new content when its broken.

Even the new ai is utter garbage and worse then vanilla, in team games they just go solo and the enemy only focusses the player, which doesnt make for a fun challange but for frustration.

This whole DE was just utter garbage. Revolutions was kinda interessting but even that in the beginning had a lot of bugs. This DE was barely play tested and is just in a broken state and should have never been released. Dont release half finished garbage, finish it first. Incas same ■■■■, they make Aztecs obsolute and are just like Swedish way to strong and break the game.

The ranged Cavalry modifier from Caroleans is only against Heavy Cavalry.
You can counter them with Wakina Rifles.
Rifle Riders are considered Heavy Cavalry but they have a higher modifier (3x) against Heavy Infantry.
Bow Riders don’t suffer from this problem while Swedes don’t have any good unit to counter them besides Mercenaries. Bow Riders are excellent at dealing with their Hakkapelits.
Bow Rides are very underrated, they have a much higher base damage and more HP than Rifle Riders while costing less Food and Coin.

Lakota aren’t the strongest Civilisation right now though but the Swedes are not overpowered.

The game I played today, I spammed wakana rifles, but their musketeers were more cost effiecient against them, next to it, the bow rider isnt good against the Swedish musketeers.

Kill as many Swedish settlers as possible with Early Attack and Bow Rider. Consider also training infantry to destroy Torp.

This is probably the only way to beat the Swedes. They will break everything with snaplock Carolean + fal spam after entering 3ages, and Sweden will train more Carolean and Jaeger while Lakota trains Wakina.

As russia im 50/50 against Sweden. Just hit hard and fast before there eco rolls you. Lakota and Russia arnt suppose to compete economically with boom civs. They are good to rush. There’s probably another layer of rock, paper, scissors in eco of civs and rush/ unit strength ability on top of the unit countering units.

I really like the new civs. DE is fine, its getting less buggy in general, new civs are exciting, always takes time to balance. Half the threads on this form seem to be about DLC and new civs.

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I am not sure, but I dont think when the Warchiefs was released the new civs were highly unbalanced like this. Next to that it isnt balance when the only viable strategy is to either attack early or be a specific civ.

Swedish are also a rush civ, not just boom, al my experience with the civ in a non treaty game is that they rush with their musks.

And of course a civ is fun when its OP, thats why people like France. The new civs are just blend and unoriginal with their “unique” stuff which is just that of existing civs and the Swedish only unique unit wich has a truely unique mechanic, is pretty broken.

When I hover over it the ranged multiplier says its hand cav, I am not an military expert, but pretty sure rifles arent melee.

Riffle Rider is tagged bothas light and hand cavalry

Don’t Caroleans have a “Heavy Cavalry” modifier? Rifle Riders have the “Heavy Cavalry” and the “Light Cavalry” tag and are weak against both Caroleans and Skirmishers.

The Swedes have to train Crossbows or Mercenaries to efficiently to counter Light Cavalry.
Being able to train Light Cavalry in Age 2 is advantage because most civilisations don’t have Skirmishers yet.

Caroleans have less melee damage against Skirmisher and Skirmishers deal 2x damage and with Counter Infantry Rifling even 3x (For the Lakota there is a card to unlock that technology in Age 2)

The Caroleans and the Wakina Rifle have the same price so it’s easy to compare

Caroleans have 19 attack and 2.5 reload time = 7.6 DPS
Wakina Rifle have 16 attack and 3 seconds reload time = 5.3 DPS but x2 agains Caroleans resulting in 10.6 DPS

Caroleans have 150 health
Wakina Rifles have 85 HP but 30 range resistance resulting in practically 120 HP

The Cetan Bowman don’t benefit from counter infantry rifling but let’s compare them to as the have a similar price.

They have 15 attack and 1.5 reload time 10 DPS and x2 = 20 DPS against Carolean.
The have 100 HP but 30 range resistance so practically around 140 HP.
They are faster but they can’t hit and run because they are archers.

They already counter Caorleans without Counter Infantry Rifling but with the upgrade they are much better.
The Bow Riders are required to defend the Wakina Rifles from Cavalry while Swedens have a hard time to counter them.

Why not compare Bow Rider vs. Caorleans too
They cost more so let’s half all their stats (they don’t actually cost 2x as much but they have 2 pop)

They have 20 attack with 1.5 reload 13 DPS but 6.6 cost efficient DPS
They have 225 HP but 112.5 cost efficient HP.
Meaning they are slightly weaker than Caroleans in 1 to 1 population. They don’t get countered by them.

btw. even Tokala Soldiers counter them with the Home City Card because they don’t have a melee modifier against them.

Lakota are not a powerful civilisations and need a buff but they have good units to counter a Swede that only build Caroleans.

Simply put, no matter how powerful Lakota units are, it doesn’t make sense if they don’t train. You don’t seem to see a graph of Sweden’s total resource production. When the Swedes enter the 3age and have enough Torp, their resource graph rises steeper than any other civilization.

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