Switch civilizations in the Fate of India

Among the enemy, we have:

  1. Red Ghorids as Hindustanis
  2. Green Ghorids as Persians
  3. Yellow Ghorids as Tatars
  4. Mohammad Ghori as Turks

All these civilizations suit the scenario, but Hindustanis contribute next to nothing in this matchup. They make Light Cavalry and Cavalry Archers, which the Turks do better. I would be totally fine if they make Camels and Ghulams too, but if they are making LCav and CA, make them Turks and make Mohammad Ghori as Hindustanis (so the diversity and team bonuses are preserved).

This would make this scenario a lot more difficult, so I have an easy way out too. Rather than granting full 100 years after delivering 3 relic carts, it can be switched to +30 years per relic cart delivered.


It’s irrelevant to me, because I already won with a wonder.

How exactly does this contribute to his topic?