Switch from Xbox to Steam

I’ve searched the forum but havent found a solution for this yet.

i started playing over the summer with the Xbox game pass.
now that i know that i will play this game more regular, i cancelled the pass and bought the game via Steam… however… all my progress has disappeared, eventhough i linked both accounts while playing.

does anyone know how to “link” my xbox account?

Hi @TheShotfreak, On the main menu there is an option to sign into your Xbox Live account which will link it to your Steam account.

Hi RD, thanks for your reply.

unfortunatly i tried that, sign in works perfect. except nothing changes to my progress.

As far as I know linking your Xbox Live account to your Steam account in game only syncs achievements and event unlocks, not game progress.

Oke, in that case starting over is the only resolution :slight_smile: thanks!