Sync Cheat again and again. please help

I am writing this, because via the official way, no one cares.

i got cheated 2 days ago by the same method. now a friend got cheated also. why no one cares ?

This is the 4th time i got cheated by Sync. everytime, i am going to win, opponent syncs game, and do not lose points.

what is going on? why no one stops this cheaters ?

on aoezone there is an topic too about some sync cheaters. please help. maybe it is always the same guys, just changing their nick names.

he changes his nikname to a knows player, and tries to fake around.

this is the profile of that cheater:

only screenshot coz i cant upload rec here.

i can send rec game too if you want via e-mail.

please help. and stop that sync cheaters.

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You mean “de-sync” not sync. What do you think sync means?

Im sorry you keep not gaining elo. Im sure there’s worse things in the game than not gaining elo.

But maybe put this in the bug section?

Unfortunately i couldn’t care much less for the already dodgy elo. And think the devs need to sort the elo system out before they stop people from de syncing matches. (which doesn’t work for the player every time anyway)

yes it is de-sync. i dont know how long you are in age2. but since years this type of cheat is called sync-cheat. someone who is into this topic knows what it means.

and its not a bug. it is made by intention. when the cheater is going to lose, he has a way to de-sync the game. so he dont lose any points. like this player. he did not lost since 47 games in statistics. because he always de-syncs game when he is going to lose. i have already 3 games on recorded games from this guy. he even announces his cheat. he laughs or sends chats like: “i cannot lose, look now…”

and de-sync comes.

and he keeps cheating around, and no one stops him by banning him.

i am asking myself, why developers dont care.

this is the profile of that guy (
look his win streak.
games he de-sync this way is listed without any result (he does not lose elo points, and no points for winner). normally the winner is shown by a crown symbol on and recorded game is listet. but when he does his de-sync cheat, its only shown in the list without any result and no recorded game.

he de-synced me already 3 times when he was clearly losing. i can give anyone the recorded games. cant upload it here, because only jpg are allowed here.

so if no one stops him, he will keep doing his cheat.

The lack of a crown does not necessarily mean the game desynced.

There is a feature in the game to report a player, go report the player if you feel he’s cheating, the best thing you can do is report him with details, and they may take action.

A little old, but me and a friend have had this happen many times recently in TGs. It’s obviously not a random de-sync - the game only desyncs when it’s clearly over, and we’re crushing our opponents to the point they will be defeated within minutes. Like to hear some feedback from the devs whether or not they consider this serious, because it is serious cheating if accurate.