Sync cheats, when will this stopped by the developers? and why no one bans this guy?

I am writing this, because via the official way, no one cares. i already did ingame reports 4 days ago. no one cares from developers.

This is the 3th time i got cheated by Sync. everytime, i am going to win, opponent syncs game, and do not lose points. a friend of mine also got synced by this guy. he always changes his nickname, and cheats again and again.

what is going on? why no one stops this cheaters ?

on aoezone there is an topic too about some sync cheaters. please help. maybe it is always the same guys, just changing their nick names.

he changes his nikname to a knows player, and tries to fake around.

this is the profile of that cheater: [redacted]
only screenshot coz i cant upload rec here.

i can send rec game too if you want via e-mail.

please help. and stop that sync cheaters.