Sync error on ranked teams


I have seen multiples games tonight crashing, because in team games, in order to not loose points / suffer a deafeat, people provoke a sync problems (i don’t exactly know how, it seems that it’s caused by cheats from what i have heard)

The problem is that i loose points, almost 30 at my diamond level each time, which is frustrating. I struggle alot to win my games, and sometimes when the games start to switch in the favor of my team, it crashes.

I find it frustrating as you can understand… What can i do to help the devs to correct this ? I might have a guess on who does this (must of the time they hide their game history). Also, how can i get back the points that i loose because of this ?

Also, a last question : how does this work for the calculation of points ? Do all people loose points ? Or does the team who cheats loose point ? Or does the game randomly target someone ?

Thank you for your kind assistance.
If you want to check my last game, my nickname is Ra3L.

it happened to me too everybody loses points