Syncing building hotkeys across Civs (when possible)?

Curious to see if others have had this issue too.

Playing some AoE3DE with friends last night, I played as India, which I hadn’t in some time.

It seriously messed with me how all the Indian villager building hotkeys are shifted down a rung to make room for the wonder, TC, and TP. My muscle memory just couldn’t cope!

Example: to build a house is Q with most Civs and A with Indians, a wall is S with most and Z with Indians. Another example would be the indigenous civs, for the Hauds they have the Community Plaza as Q and the (long)house right next to it as W.

Shouldn’t all building hotkeys be standardized? To the extent that this is possible given unique buildings, etc. And unique buildings or buildings without analogues to the “standard” (as in Euro civ hotkeys) could go on the bottom rung.