System discrimination against solo player in ranked

I am so sick of arena /fortress/ balck forest/ amazon tunnels/michi. For example this week we have arena and BF and fortress. I ban BF and every game is either arena or fortress. I just never get other maps.

I really enjoy other maps like arabia, migration, team islands, shoal, costal forest, nomad, golden swamp, etc…even semi closed map like hideout, as long as it is not a full closed map. those are in the map pool too.

But as a solo team player I am given only one ban because i don’t have a mate to queue together. It is beyond stupid.

I am punished for queueing alone. The game punish me for not having a partner to play together. Pls solo players also need more than one bans.

And don’t say things like “if you don’t have friends just go play 1v1”. I do also play 1v1 and 1v1 is completely different experience from team.

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you play with 7 other people, it’s one ban per person, how is this unfair?


Yeah I feel the pain, as other solo queuers likely ban the same map you did rather than spread those bans around… but best advise is play 2v2s then you get more bans.

But the result for me is i keep getting arena, fortress. Why does it not auto into other maps? Idk. Then if i ban arena i always get BF, i ban BF i get arena. Happens during other weeks too.

If you get too many closed maps on 4v4 then it just means that open maps aren’t very popular on 4v4. Is not that you are not allowed to play them, it’s simply not finding enough players for those kind of maps.
Still I think it’s important to improve map variety in multiplayer


IMO, BF is fine because you can sneak or onager trees, and there are extra boar and water to take advantages.
Arena is boring indeed, but I can still take it if I am not getting it more than 3 times in a row.
I dislike fortress too, so I always ban it.

I will just resign after min 5 on Michi so that I won’t get time out.

The point isn’t that you can onager cut on BF. The point is you can’t queue up for team games on only the maps you like. You are forced to queue for team games on maps you hate.

The current system harms everyone except people who don’t care at all which map they play.

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How come you hate more than half of the maps ? I can understand that you hate 2 or 3 maps which might not in the same pool every month.
for example I hate Michi and I will not tolerate, so i resign every time. I dislike fortress too so I ban it.

This is a bannable offense and people should report you, it’s literally against the rules


I wouldn’t do so if I care. I am taking advantage of my multiple accounts.
The map issue has been here for such a while and we havent gotten an reasonable answer from any dev. I don’t want to waste too much time on finding solition either, this is why I chose the easiest way.

I am not asking for many map bans, but only having 1 ban is so ridiculous , and Michi just should not be introduced.

Have you guys ever heard about “MATHMAGICAL”?
Its so obvious why solo TG players gets only one ban in 4v4…
What next? Ask to starting ELO to be higher or lower than 1000?

“PlAyErS sHoUlD gEt A wArNiNg ThAt BaNnInG mOrE mApS wIlL mAkE qUeUeUeUe TiMe LoNgEr”
If devs ever do that there will be thousands of new threads complaining about that instead of “one ban only”.

A great solution for those who hate many maps that are present in this or that map pool is easy. Take. A. Break. Come back in two weeks.
Like, I don’t know, sometimes people should learn how to tel the difference between something being a problem and them being the problem. If you dislike closed maps so much dont play the game until they are out. Specially because those maps always get voted in, people DO like them, stop wasting others time and messing their fun, just like you dont want them doing that to you.


Arena and black forest is always on the roster. Then there are always “arena like” map or “black forest like” map every week too, like fortress, michi, amazon tunnel, at least 1 or 2 of those maps show up, so that’s already 3 maps that I want to ban. Not unreasonable, but I only get 1 ban.

How come you like chocolate ice cream more than vanilla? How come green is your favorite color?

The point is people want to play the game according to their preferences.

If you want to play by YOUR rules, go to lobbies.
'I WANT TO PLAY ONLY THIS AND THAT" Fine. Great. Go to lobby.


Lobbies are worse than ranked lobbies for getting fair matches and requiring benchmark tests.

The current system doesn’t work well for people who want to avoid certain types of maps but enjoy team games.

I know that. Maybe you want too much things, right? Your maps. To be sure other players have good computers. Fair matches. What else?
Ranked system isnt there to be your playground, its there to offer diversity and fairness to most players. Sure, criticizing is needed to make it better for everyone. But, if you try to use it to make it to follow your utopia, maybe its a sign taht you are the one who should move on.

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tbh I am not asking for more…just 2 bans, enough. One for BF one for arena. Thats it. I only have one ban then I always get the other map

Than you need more maps on the map pool. Therefore, more chances to have more than two maps you dislike.

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so why do i need more maps i dislike? where is ur logic? xD…logic…man

if everyone gets 2 bans, that means in a 4v4 there could be 16 banned maps, ie every map banned and no game is possible. this has been explained 100x on this forum

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