System requirements?

These are the Red Dead Redemption 2 system requirements

Memory:**12 GB
Graphics Card:**NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
Red Dead Redemption 2 CPU:**Intel Core i7-4770K
File Size:**150 GB
OS:**Windows 10

These days, it makes sense to release two versions of minimum-recommended specs. 1080p & 4k users.

1080p minimum (smooth 30fps medium graphics)
1080p recommended (smooth 60fps medium graphics)
4k minimum (smooth 30fps medium graphics)
4k recommended (smooth 60fps medium-high graphics)

I personally believe games should always be 60fps minimum but I think many players don’t mind film/slideshow mode at 30fps anyway, it’s considered ‘playable’.

it’s just optimization now a days, great optimized game can look stunning and run flawlessly on even a rx 560 meanwhile unoptimized games can suck on even a rtx 2070

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I am disapointed :frowning:

according to the first cyberpunk 2077 reviews

the video card recommended for 1080p, it is not enough to have everything high (1060 6GB)

I thought it would be an optimized game

Age Of Empires IV maybe need the RTX 2000 range to play it all high?

I can buy 3090 for Age of Empires 4. But not everyone will get it, so the more optimized, the better. Hopefully we will see a well optimized game. But it doesn’t make sense to reject the new features provided by technology

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Would integrated graphics be enough?

I doubt this, but idk if you are talking about a 3400g or Intel graphics or something else. Pretty sure most of the other users in this thread don’t need to worry too much: they should be fine.

Well, I have an Intel HD 620.

I doubt it @FoughtBird1976 based on my primitive research. I’mnot an expert, but I’d imagine you’ll want very good integrated graphics or a dedicated graphics card that isn’t too many years old.

tbh I think steam goes overkill on the requirements just to be safe. ive played well under requirements on other games and my cpu was barely challenged.

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It save to say if you got a PC for ~500$/€ or a Gaming Laptop for ~1000$/€ after the announcement of the game you’ll likely be able to run it.

RTS has the advantage of having a fixed camera angle so you can optimize the assets for it and it’s not hard for them to look good. If you still want the game to look good when zoomed in than you need a better computer but who does that in normal gameplay?
In a 1rst person game you can have very different distance to objects and see them from different angles so setting up lighting and reflections is much harder.

Racing games have a similar advantage. You always move in a fixed direction and you won’t get to close up to objects, plus you more fast. That’s why 5 year old racing often games look better than modern shooters.

For most people AoE4 will run better than AoE2DE or AoE3DE.
Hopefully I get my my lag free 144+FPS.

AoE III D.E. runs a quite bare minumum quality over 2.g.b. graphics card, so can anyone know how to run AoE III D.E. runs better on whcih video resolution on 2.g.b. graphics card???

Not a computer expert here. When AOE4 is released I will be visiting tigerdirect dot com and order one of those highly rated gaming PC’s. Until then I will try and understand all the technical gargon and system requirements for optimum game play. Hopefully the devs will create some good guidance for us in regards to recommended PC’s.

Tip: Spending like an hour of research before buying an 500€/$ product can often save you more than 100$/€.
Unless you make more than that per hour it’s like worth investing that time. Easiest money you’ll ever make.

Or ask people, many are happy to help.

But don’t be afraid AoE4 will have lower system requirements than AoE3DE because it is optimized for modern hardware and doesn’t have to fight with limitations from more nearly 20 years ago.

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I think maybe you are right about the requirements similar to Age Of Empires 3 DE

To reach a large audience (gamers), the game will have to be well optimized and ask for as little as possible.

Maybe in the fan event the requirements will be revealed

To test how AoE4 might run on your computer, you need to try Dawn of War 3 and see how that works on your computer. This is because they use the same engine. Also, they said they try to optimize it even more for AoE4 so that it runs even better, considering there would also be more units in such a game.

Btw, Dawn of War 3, even if it wasn’t well received as a game, when it came to optimisation it pretty much ran flawlessly.

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If it weren’t $40 on Steam, I would try that!

It can run on my old xiaomi …

hahahah funny

Finally, the system requirements may be moderate

Like a RX 580 or GTX 1660 Super, I don’t know?

Look, don’t forget it’s not only about the graphic engine. The CPU and RAM are also very important!