T90 is a genius

I’ve been watching T90 “Low ELO legends” series on Youtube, and I just though I’d make a comment on it. This guy is enormously talented at narrating and concoting plots about what’s happening. Also his laughter is contagious.


I agree.

And as said in his “legends and plebs” podcast, his voice is really nice to listen to. This make the casting very pleasing as a non native speaker.

Regarding the actual subject of his videos, I am not always hooked though.


He’s good for the community but I personally can’t stand him for more than 30 minutes. Way too much energy, too much overreaction and shouting. I have the same problem with MembTV. Maybe it’s my British/Japanese upbringing, but I much prefer to watch Viper, his personality is more laid back and his voice is more chill and relaxing. Big loud American or Spanish personalities are just too much for me.


It’s funny you mention this, because generally the ‘overreaction and shouting’ has been mentioned as a slight against MembTV and reason why one prefers to watch T90, but you find both intolerable in that regard. 11

Personally, I like MembTV and prefer to watch him (now also because I can’t be bothered with Facebook gaming platform), I think I’ve just gotten accustomed to his sayings.

Who doesn’t call things ‘titanics’ nowadays anyway? Or ‘total and brutal domination’.

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It’s not really the vocabulary, it’s the shouting and over animated excitement that I can’t stand. And yeah, Memb is harder to tolerate than T90.


Yeah, my reply to you was the first sentence, the sayings were my own comment on MembTV.

Love or hate him or his casting style, he’s sure left a mark on the AoE2 community vocabulary.

I don’t hate either of those guys. I think they’re great for the game. And outside of the game when they’re not overexcited or shouting, I’m sure they would be cool to hang out with. I just personally can’t stand their over the top commentary style. They probably appeal to people with a shorter attention span though.


I miss his twitch channel, he used to dedicate at least one day a week just for Low Elos
Now we have to wait on YT every now and then to watch a single LEL game

I honestly don’t mind T90. He has more than a few classics like the legend of corner boi, legend of wall, etc, that I keep going back to. But I am 100% with @NastyHigh on Memb. I don’t like hype casting in general, but I also don’t find him that knowledgable about the game. Sign of a knowledgable caster is that they can predict what players will do next, and I rarely see that with Memb.


That’s understandable for memb TV, …he is old, he is 1600 elo, English is his second language…T90 is 2200+ and native English speaker so he can communicate better

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I believe T90 is a genuinely nice and honest guy. He speaks his mind. But never in a way to hurt others. He talks very uplifting for even the average player. He is not always very funny. But he is very inquisitive compared to memb who is the self-declared Nostradamus. He built up Dave as a co-caster and now Dave does his own thing. That is obsolutely wonderful. Granted, almost all of AOE2 community is very friendly towards each other, but no stories of his displease towards anybody has come up ever like rage quitting or swearing on stream let alone breaking his keyboard or PC just for the publicity. I doubt he would even hurt a fly. Keeping patience for such long groveling hours does not come even as a temperament. It’s an innate habit.

I followed his channel ever since he was working in retail. He never planned for this life. He was doing it for fun and not because he was a student going to community college or a millennial stuck indoors during covid. His growth has been tremendous because of so many more factors than a native language and his reactions. But his contribution to the AOE2 viewership and competition scene as a caster has been magnitudes higher than what he has got as financial renumeration from twitch or facebook.

I don’t think he a genius though. He is like forrest gump. A person with a pure heart who is pouring his body and soul into the game he loves. He tried his very best to put up a platform for top 100 players to break into the pro scene with T90 titans league. The event should cost atleast 3 times the preparation and I doubt there is money from T90bronze leagues. He does not stream a lot of these matches either. So he gets nothing back except a ‘good deed is its own reward’



The Forrest Gump of AoE2

Yeah, I wear the “awkward” mask.

I want to share with you the first T90 video I’ve watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWgdzZZED1k . That laughter when the player resigns, in 1:55, it’s so contagious. It’s nice to know that people who play so horrendously, like me, at least have the capacity to induce joyfulness.

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His is streaming on fb gaming now and still streams LEL on most Tuesdays.

Just to be clear, Elo has nothing to do with this. Ornlu has 1600 Elo, and his insights are as good as any 2.2k+ player on casting. I don’t know why Memb is the way he is, and it is none of my business to speculate.

I do agree that T90 has a much easier time because he has a better grasp on the language. But memb’s broken English also makes him endearing to his audience, so idk.