Tamar completed scenarios are missing

Hi there.
After I saved the game for the 3rd scenario of the Georgian campaign and exited the game, I saw that only the first scenario is available and not completed. Any ideas?

Try deleting this file(backup it first) PupPlayer.nfp, you can find it here: C:\Users\USER\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\ID\profile

I deleted the file after backing it up. Exited the game and the 4 scenarios were still missing. Re-exited the game, put the .nfp file again, but I still face the problem.

Can you try completing any easy mission from another campaign? Like Saladin 1 or Joan 1.

I completed the 1st scenario from Saladin’s campaign without cheats and it’s marked as completed.

Then it’s an issue with the Tamar campaign itself


Try checking integrity of game files in Steam, if you are on the Microsoft version, reinstall the game.

I still can’t unlock the rest of the scenarios. Completed again the 3rd scenario through a saved game, but the bug remains.

Also (I know this is not the most important), I can’t seem to unlock the Georgian icon, even though I have won more than 10 games with the civ.

One other issue, that I have noticed, is that, no matter what game I play or civ I choose, when I want to start a new skirmish game, I always have the Georgians picked, in Fortress. Is it because I used to check the new civs in the beta version?