Tamerlane 3 trigger bug(resets city counter)

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.34223.0 4509956)
  • Platform (Steam)


In the third Tamerlane Campaign mission “Harbinger of Destruction”(moderate difficulty) conquering Ryazan reset my “cities destroyed” counter to 0 thus I had to destroy all 3 cities(which was fun but not as intended). The arrival of the Army had interrupted my plan to attack Ryazan, and Astrakhan began constructing a wonder, thus I converged my armies on Astrakhan taking it first. With the trebuchet safe I rode towards ryazan to get those upgrades. The objective to conquer Ryazan was checked off but the city counter reset to 0. I went on to destroy both Azov and Sarai in order to win the mission.
In case this is relevant: I prioritized raiding Supply Camps. I think I had all but those on the western Landmass, before conquering Astrakhan.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. When tasked to do so, conquer Astrakhan.(I assume any of the three should work)
  2. Defeat Ryazan