Tamerlane Campaign | Hard Playthrough

Here’s mission 1! I really enjoy this campaign, I think it’s well designed and the missions feel to be at the right difficulty.

Here’s mission 2! I completely cheesed the end of the mission, because you don’t have access to long range siege and it really sucked getting stuck in what felt to be an endless war against two castles, two fire towers and a ■■■■ of a lot of units in my first runthrough.

This is mission 3! Breaking through Astrakhan was a nightmare but it was a fun mission overall:

Here’s my playthrough of mission 4! If anyone has played through mission 4 from the Alaric campaign, this is just a better, less painful version of that. I actually quite enjoyed it! Check it out:

Here’s mission 5! I think it could do with having the market “Sell” options turned off during the mission, as this made it far easier than I think it should’ve been. Fun nonetheless though.

Last but not least is the finale, I think it’s a good end to the campaign, maybe a little on the easier side though.