Tariq Ibn Ziyad campaign, settlers wont disembark bug

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  • **GAME BUILD #age-of-empires-ii
  • GAME PLATFORM: microsoft store
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Xbox series X

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While playing Tariq IBN Ziyad campaign (chapter 5-Razzia) the settlers arriving by transport ship after defeating villages will not disembark, therefore stopping me from building my camp, and being able to complete the chapter/campaign.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Play Tariq IBN Ziyad campaign, chapter 5-Razzia
  2. Defeat all villages
  3. Allow transport ship to come in, attempt to disembark settlers (X button on xbox).
  4. Nothing happens

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Settlers disembark transport ship.


I can confirm this is happening.

However it is easily solved by clicking the transport ship and ungarrisoning the villagers manually.

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Hi @WhaleRoosters
There is a bug already tracked about this, if you happen to have a ram, building, transport ship full of units garrisoned, you can’t ungarrison all of them at once. If you ungarrison one of the units you are able to ungarrison the rest at once. The team is already aware of this issue.
Thanks for the report :slight_smile:

Settlers are also ally settlers not own settlers so can’t instruct them to build anything

I guess some imbeciles reduced the ungarrison range of all transports

Every single transport ship related scenarios experiencing the same glitch

Indeed, known issue.

Villagers still will not come under player control, cannot proceed with campaign

I came across this problem and I waited until the boat arrived and failed to drop off all villagers. Saved the game and then reloaded and it gave me control of the boat and villagers (with some of the villagers still onboard the boat).

Give that a try and see if it works for you

November now. I’m experiencing this problem too. I’ve read replies suggesting to un-garrison villagers individually - I don’t think that’s possible on the Xbox?

Also, if I destroy the boat you don’t fail the mission, which I thought it would do, since it’s impossible to continue.

I talked to the team again about this issue, sorry for the inconveniences.

Thank you. I’m sure it should be an easy fix.

From my vast (vague) understanding (guesswork), I’d have thought that either re-coding the boat, or removing it and re-adding it, would do it.

It’s niggling at my OCD. I can’t move on to another campaign without finishing this one.