Tatar need Siege Onager for counter Halb+SK+Rams

Their are not the worst civ, they have the worst inf

Right now the worst ratio are Malians with 41.16% (Worst) and Tatars are only 5 places above, so it’s 30th of 35 (bad) where Turks are in 18th of 35 (average),

Halb is a good trash unit but without armor and being melee make them to frail.

Btw Turks right now have a decent win rate of 49.49% they even are performing better than Mayans and Mongols:

All civs have weaknesses, and Turks have worse Infantry than Tatars do.
If you have Super Trebs + Siege Rams, then you should not have Siege Onagers either.

Also, i just saw that Tatars have Heavy Scorpion, which is a natural counter to Halbs and ESkirms.
Just make HScorps.

While SO might fit Tatars, I don’t know how it helps when the gold is low. SO is 1000 gold upgrade and making 7 more onagers is better in most cases. Steppe lancers with cav archers should also be able to deal with halbs skirm ram. SL even in their current form fare better than hussars against halbs with the range.
I don’t think giving them chain mail is a right option since its their identity. Either try to win in castle age with your power spike of xbows/cav archers and prevent them getting to halb ram economy or the lancer+cav archer option

he mentioned siege rams, scorps are hard countered by rams

HScorps are hard countered by Siege Rams, but HScorps + Hussars are not.

Tatars get Siege Engineers, so they can use those +1 Range HScorps to clear away the Halbs, and then use the Hussars to destroy the Siege Rams, which are too slow to reach the HScorps in time to deal any real damage.

halb garrisoned rams do move faster but I see your point

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True, but not fast enough. Just attack them with Hussars, the Halbs come out, retreat the Hussars, HScorps clear teh Halbs, and then have the Hussars attack teh SRams again.

It will actually take a lot more micro for you opponent to garrison and ungarrison those Rams, than it will take you to deal with them.

Tatars also get their own Siege Ram. Siege Ram + HCA and some hussar later should be good.

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How are Tatars any weaker to halbs + skirms + rams than say Huns ?

If it’s not a problem for Huns, it’s not for Tatars either.


There’s a thing called weakness. Every civ kind of has to have one. Otherwise, they OP.