Tatars after update

Herdable animals bonus makes it strong in early.
Higher elevation bonus and free thumb ring make it strong in mid.
Keshik trained more quickly + extra 1 pierce armor and free Parthian CA make it strong in late.
No mention the 19 range trebs.

Does Tatars too overpower now? Especially giving free thumb ring was too much, I think.

We need at least few days to really know if they are too strong or not. But i think they’re not. They get a power spike in early castle, but not more. Parthian tactic is cheap, so it’s not a big boost. Keshik are trained in castle so it’s still difficult to mass them quickly. herdable bonus delay the moment you need to build farm but it’s clearly not strong.

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They are not too strong, they are just fine. You have to consider they have really bad Infantry (only have Scale Mail Armour at the Blacksmith), no Arbalests and no Paladins.

If they are indeed too strong, perhaps they could just lose Halberdier (they had only Pikeman originally) or even Cavalier (no purpose now that Keshik trains fast and Steppe Lancer with Silk Armour can deal with Archers).

I still do not think they will need any nerf whatsoever. Tatars was always the weakest Last Khans civ.

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Yeah we need more competitions to prove the power, but I prefer to buff the mail armor instead of free thumb ring, the crossbowmen and CA now are strong for me. Free thumb ring make the archers +18 rate of fire and 100% accurate in the beginning of Castle age, it also make CA stronger and stronger in whole game.

If you just give them Chainmail Armour, then it takes away their uniqueness. I do not want Tatars to just be another generic civ, and Free Thumb Ring is not that big a deal. If are making Skirmishers, you can counter their Cav Archers easily.

Any civ with Pikeman and Elite skirmishers will do well against Tatars at the start of Castle Age.
They are not too strong, they are not even at the level of the Mongols, much less the super generalist Chinese with a 98% win rate and have basically eveything.

Chinese are such a boring OP civ, precisely because they have decent everything.

The Tatars are still very much a Fast Castle civ because their early eco bonus is only marginal, and their military bonuses don’t kick in until they reach Castle. They don’t have the flexibility of civilizations such as the Lithuanians.

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Why do people keep complaining about civs being OP the moment they get a buff? I think only the Vietnamese haven’t been called OP after their buff 11


Because people are afraid of playing against civ they usually do not play against.

I just tried Tatars, they are not even at the level of Mongols, and Keshiks are finally worth training.