Tatars, Ethiopians, and Somalis Available in DE?

I was just briefly dawdling around this game’s scenario editor, when I discovered this

Were those civs always a thing in this game? I’m not super familiar with Age of Empires III, being a II person in particular, but none of these have Age III-specific wiki pages, so I can’t help but be curious what this could mean down the road. They’re not official yet or anything, but perhaps we’ll finally get native African empires represented in the game, as well as the Crimean Khanate (a nod to II’s The Last Khans)?

Scenario civs, maybe they’ll update the and make them full civs but for now, only in scenarios

Campaign exclusive civs, unplayable as a player and only used for the Flag graphic and some architecture.

They made unique Settler models for the Tatars and Ethiopians/Somalis, respectively. However, they don’t have any voice clips, not even any borrowed from Age 2. I’m guessing they were planned to be introduced as new civs alongside the Incas and Swedes, but the devs didn’t have time to finish them. I’m really hoping they’ll complete them eventually, as I’d be stoked to try all three!

No they are Civs for the " Historical Battles "
The player wont ever be able to play them, without modding.

They deserve to be finished for the player at some point down the road, even if they’re not normally playable yet!