Tatars flaming camels need aggressive stance

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Its fine as it is stop spamming.


and they can get something insteaD of sheeps and hill bonus. Sheeps are annoying when u make a lot of tc’s.
The hill bonus is useless

How is your previous post hidden?

I still see it listed if you are referring to the following post:


Does petards have aggressive stance? I do not think so :man_shrugging: . Demanding won’t change anything just wait for the community to be ready!

i thoguht it was, nah then considere this one

I would use them frequently mix them in my army if they do fight by themselve

Dude, it’s free food!!!

You should make a topic about all the useless bonus from all civs. You seem like the right person to do that.


Learn to micro! Ya?!

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The sarcasm here is 1000%.well done.


Can you please provide an argument as to why the bonus is useless instead of just blurting it out with no reason?

Because Michi doesn’t have hills obviously.


To give him credit, there are some civ bonuses that are pretty situational. I’ve always scratched my head wondering how Khmer’s not needing buildings to unlock other buildings or advancing age would help. Naturally it’s only useful in standard settings, and, for example, if you’re going for archer rush and want to save that 175 wood from the barracks. From castle age onwards, it won’t help.

And that comment is probably what the OP had in mind.