Taunts don't work for me

Ever since i got AOE2 DE installed, the taunts don’t work (no sound). I checked all the settings and couldn’t figure out how to fix that. Maybe there is a command to mute them that I might have run at some point? I can still hear taunts when other people use them, but when I use them no sound for me or others. Can someone help with this?

The commands are: !mute and !nomute, use them and check if you have the voice sound reduced (go to options > Audio ).

I am pretty sure it’s not the commands because I can still hear other players’ taunts. I have tried !mute and !nomute but will check again to be sure. Same with the audio settings, I just can’t hear my own taunts (other players don’t hear just my taunts either).

Maybe my audio files don’t exist or are not being picked by the game. Will check on that.