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It has been already spoken in many threads in this forum (and in many other forums in the internet): The Spanish voices in the Definitive Edition are horrible. Not only because of they are in Latin American Spanish, but because they are so bad. That is why I thought I could try to do a mod to modify the new voices with the old voices (whenever is possible)

I have been researching how to make a mod, or how to modify the audio files for the Spanish version, without success. I would be happy if I could do something with the Taunts for the moment, given that the campaigns speechs are much longer. This is the first time I try to modify something from a videogame, so my experience is very limited.

What I got so far: I found where those taunts are, and that they are a .bnk file. I could decompress the file, so I could get the the audio files in a listenable format. But now, I have no idea how to compress the new files again to be a .bnk file again.

Any help would be very appreciated

It is funny that the resources for Spanish are in a folder called MX (which stands for Mexico, the country were the dubbing has been made) and not in a folder called ES or something similar (for the language).

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I just posted almost the exact same thing, I can extract the taunts into a format I can understand, but am unable to compress back into bnk. I assume youd need all of the individual original taunts concluding the new ones to be compressed again for it to work.

FYI there is a Japanese taunt pack where someone has successfully changed the first 20 taunts from the en bnk taunts.

Let me know if you make some ground, there is very limited stuff on the internet re bnk files

Reposting how to do it from my other post:

Okay, so you will need to download Wwise from their website and install it through their launcher. All the sound effects you want to add to the game you need to convert to .wav files, I used audacity but there are probably better programs for doing this in batch. Then you need to import these .wav files to Wwise and convert them into .wems, this video shows you how

After you that all you need to do is place them in your mods folder in the correct directory structure to mimic the games structure, this is
(non english taunts go in the other language folders, i.e \de\ for Germany)

And prefix them with a number. The number they are prefixed with tell the game what number the taunt corresponds to.

1 yes.wem will play when you type 1 into chat,
999 ear_destroyer.wem will play when you type 999 in chat, you get the idea.

Look forward to all the custom modpacks that will pop up soon!