Taverns and outlaws new changes

I noticed that now taverns have the language on the wall of their own civ

Also outlaws and treasure guardians now use close combat animations. Thanks devs for these little details!

(although the pistolero sword is a little bit off of the hand)


Omg you are right on outlaws! Finally!! Thanks devs

Have you checked if they can snare properly now? At least infantry failed to do so in the past

Nevermind, just tried Dacoits and they don’t snare… there’s still work to be done but a step in the right direction!

Looking crisp!


Also as Ottoman mine was called Someone’s Kebab LOL, pretty sure it wasnt like that before haha

I’m going to sleep, can someone post about how tomahawk throwers get their running animation stuck when going on stagger mode? thanks, bye!

Dacoit looks great, but Pistolero machete coming from his arm

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