TC cost

Please revert TC wood cost back to 600 like it was in legacy, this greedy passive turtle meta is boring and lame.

Sincerely, a salty grumpy fan

Tbh most boom civs that turtle wouldn’t be effected by this.

Portugal don’t build town centers manually

Japan doesn’t tend to make more than one extra tc at most and villagers aren’t even their primary economy

Sweden usually goes 1 tc for a while

Inca ship tc wagons not build them

If brit does 2 tc they usually get thier tc wagon from the age up to 3

Dutch never make multiple tc

If anything the only boom that would be effected in a large way would be the ottoman boom, and I think most people agree that the ottomans need no nerf to thier boom


That’s the wrong way to nerf that, when it was 600w almost no one built extra TCs…by raising its cost you will be nerfing booming not turtling.

The way to nerf turtling is by removing the pillarless wall trick for once(FFS why is this exploit still in the game???)that will finally make walls cost what they were intended to cost.

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