TCs taking huge damage

Game Version:

  • Build (34699))
  • Platform (Steam)


Seems like TCs got considerably weaker for some reason (its not in the notes as far as I can see)

mbl losing 300 hp per mangonel shot

TrumpSC losing a TC to 2! petards. Only one is close to killing it

not sure if this behaviour only extends to siege weapons or also to other units

Reproduction Steps:

See clips above


Petards do 525 damage against buildings. Town centers have 600hp with 0 building armor. Just reading from wiki. Is this not correct?

I just tested this in the scenario editor:
Mangonels take out a town center with 2400 HP in around 52 seconds, corresponding to a damage output per minute of about 2800 per minute.
Rams need 97 seconds to take out town centers. This equals a damage output against town centers of roughly 1500 per minute.
Previously the damage output of mangonels against tcs used to be around 750 per minute, as is mentioned in here:

While the damage output of rams against town centers did not change, the damage output of mangonels against town centers is now four times as high as it used to be.

Town centers have 2400 HP.
A single pertard on the current build 34699 does a damage of 1560 to a town center.
In the HD edition, a petard caused 520 damage to a towncenter.
In other words, petards now do three times the damage to town centers than previosuly.

Thank you for the report! We have a bug being tracked and a solution in the works for this problem. Thanks again for keeping us informed, and for your patience as we work through the issue.


I didn’t see it happen, but I was in a 2v2 on discord with a friend and he suddenly was shocked as he reported he had destroyed an enemy TC with only 2 bombard cannon shots. I said the TC was probably already weak, but now seeing this report it rings a bell.

Hello friends! This is one of the issues addressed by today’s Hotfix (34793)! Area-of-effect damaging units should no longer be leveling Town Centers, though let us know if you continue to see issues!

Thank you, as always, for your patience!