Team Balancing

Here’s a game where I think all players solo queued (at least they haven’t played with each other before or since). Screenshot from

The matchmaker could have done a better job at balancing team elos. The optimal choice is easy to find by just brute force checking all 3 combinations:
Pas(1478) + jcarrasco(1314) + No blood(1381), average 1391
Scary Terry(1512) + CORONA VIRUS(1349) + LovePierogi(1284), average 1382

This is significantly more even than the 1435 vs 1338 average elo the matchmaker gave.

I’m seeing this kind of odd team setup in team ranked too, even when it looks like teams are not premade.

This feels like a bug in the matchmaking team generation logic.

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Averaging out is essentially how it’s supposed to work. I’ll take this to the team. Thanks @acbraith!