Team bonus comparison of Mayans vs Japanese

If your ally has chosen the Mayans civ, you can build a palisade wall for less thanks to him. you can build a stone wall for less too. Economic advantage significantly.

Well, if your ally chose Japanese civ? Line of sight for Galley. lol.

Considering Galley LoS is huge in Water maps, and that Japanese are much more well-rounded than Mayans, the TBs seem fair.

Afterall, you would never want a Mayans ally in a Water map, but you would love a Japanese, Saracens or Sicilians one.

well yeah, not all team bonuses are equal in all situations.

i mean just look how good the Spanish team bonus is in a 1v1 situation.

LoS is an underrated as a bonus especially on water which is a large open mass with no funnels means you can easily miss fishing ships, inland structures while always seeing the enemy before they see you. Frank’s get a similar bonus to knight which takes them from a basically blind unit to something you can rely on more for map awareness


Yeah I’m not loving either of these team bonuses, they’re both pretty useless most of the times, but it’s not as bad as the Inca team bonus lol

But both of these civs often end up being very good picks regardless, so them not having a great team bonus is quite well justified