Team Bonus Concept: Train UU from another civi

Theoretical team bonus for a Italian-based civ like Venetians.

Possible Effects:

  1. The Venetian unique units can also be trained their allies’ Castles. It’s permanent, not one-time, and different from Cumans, where you train them for free. (Possibly the Stratiotai, the main UU, and a light cavalry unique unit to the Venetians with bonus vs gunpowder units.),

  2. A Imperial Unique Tech that enables training UU of another civilization under the same alliance. So if the Venetian player has a Mayan, a Lithuanian and Hindustani ally, then the Ghulam, Leitis, Plumes, and Stratiotai will be available for the whole team. The “host” civilizations of said unique units receive a discount in the Castle. They will be trained in a separate unique building.

You mean like the Cumans?

I swear you must be really new to the game and hsve no idea how it plays in practice.

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Point 1 isnt this a horse riding italian second uu(thank you censor for not allowing m#ounted c#ondo) unit?

Point 2 would be absolutely broken.

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I’ve been playing the game since the CD and HD days, so I am already seasoned. I just have some confusions that I want to clear up, so it’s not like I am new and know nothing about the game. I just do not know everything perfectly especially when it comes to the newer DLC civilizations.

As for these civ balances, bonus, balance etc, yes I admit they are overpowered, it may be fun for some players but broken for many others, and those who are facing any civ with such bonus.

Italians, Berbers, and now Cumans.

This isn’t an original idea.

I appreciate the effort you put into it though!