Team elimination/victory

Why does the game kick you out if you get your landmarks destroyed in a team game? Does it still count as a loss? In a team game we should still be able to stay in the game if we choose to watch and not be forced out.

I was playing a 4vs4 and we were winning and just 1 last player did a suicide rush with firelancers and went straight for my landmarks to just knock out 1 player before being defeated. Its pretty stupid if it counts as a loss for the player that is part of the team that wins but gets knocked out before the final victory.

I initially found landmarks-sniping to be really annoying (when it happened to me), because this win condition was new to me and not part of previous age games.

Over time, I came to appreciate the benefits of landmark victories in keeping games shorter (aoe2 games could easily last hours), limiting players that went afk, and forcing players to pay attention to their base building and protecting their allies.

I do think for team games, landmark victories need modification similar to what they are planning for Wonder victories, where the cost of the wonder scales up with the number of players. I don’t know how that will be implemented for landmark victories though.

I can stay in the game after I die, you just have to make sure not to hit continue. I believe in the next patch they are changing it so you can go back and observe the game after seeing the stats.

Also a team win, is a win.


Even if you are eliminated if your team wins in the end it will count as a win.

Perhaps in teams you can readjust the victory by Landmarks and treat all players on the team as one, that is, you must destroy all the Landmarks of that team so that everyone on the team is removed from the game.

They just need to make all TCs count as landmarks for team games. Landmark victory is way better than AoE2 where you were running all over the map and it was really difficult to end games, but its current state in team games is overly constrained. It’s way too easy for a double/triple team to take 1 player’s landmarks before allied armies can react unless everyone is a cavalry civ. If you could rebuild with a TC somewhere else that would be a lot more satisfying. It’s really frustrating when your team has a huge economic and military lead, but you lose on one mistake that costs you 3 buildings.

Maybe there could even be a 30-60 second timer after your landmarks are destroyed to start building (not just place foundation, but actually be building) a new TC. That would accommodate running villagers to, say, the corner behind your ally if your base is getting sniped and your army is fighting on the front.

I generally don’t think landmarks are an issue in 1v1, but in team games the ability to add landmarks with TCs might be a huge improvement.

I don’t like the idea of having the teams share all landmarks - I feel like that’s taking it too far towards being almost impossible to knock one player out. I think additional TCs counting as landmarks is a good compromise.

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I think making TCs count as landmarks makes sense.

Landmark victory is a great addition to keep games at a reasonable length and prevent players from sending their units to the far corners of the map and going afk. However, getting landmark-sniped when you are clearly winning is just terrible, especially in team games.