Team Game multiple rating systems

As you all know, we can roughly split Team Game players up into 2 groups:

  • Open map players (Arabia, Serengeti, Nomad, Islands, Four Lakes, Scandinavia and Gold Pit/Hill/Swamp).
  • Closed map players (Black Forest, Arena, Hideout, Lombardia, Oasis and Hill forts).

I am very good in closed maps but very bad in open maps. I would love to improve in open maps but I can’t really compete or progress there. I usually just get taken out in feudal or castle age and the game is over.

So I’m proposing the idea that there should be a seperate hidden rating system for open maps and closed maps. Your total TG rating should be the average of those two hidden ratings. That way we keep one single queue but we get proper matchmaking for both map types.

Easy as checking the recorded game and think why is happening that. I bet is build order, scouting or micro problem (in that order).

Splitting the queue more than it is now I dont think is a good idea.

Ah yes, you’re right. I wanted to propose a different system with 1 queue. Let me adjust.