Team games are the worst

Team games in this RTS are the worst I have ever played. No ranked. No balance. Just pure cheese and long ■■■ games.

Mass 1 unit and go for it I guess. Thats if your team dont drop in the 1st 5 min or make no units.
So sick of mass Mangudai trying to raid my base all game and no other unit. Or mass firelancer from China tring to find a whole in wall all game to cheese win.
Mass Knights from french all game.

Wall up and mass towers and castles all game. This games a disgrace. Glad I quiit for other better games but I came back for the new worthless patch today. Was a mistake to think it would be fun.

Also Mangonels still suck so bad not even worth making. sorry there so bad not even 6 or 7 of them do anything. Bombards all the way still I guess. Mass Trebs behind walls all game. WEEEE

In before “no 1 didnt lose”. I won like 4 games but even a win left me pissed.

Also DEVS please remove the worthless maps that no1 likes. PEOIPLE JUST BACK OUT AND makes finding a game a pain. After mabe 3 bad maps to 1 good one people want to play. No one wants to play bad maps. How the hell can that forest map still be in the lineup. Jesus get a clue and a new map maker. Use the opnes people made . I would prefer “Nomad map” to the crap you got in your lineup.

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again today played team game. Team left after 3 units attacked in age 2. then a desync hacker in the next game.
Im so done with this trash game

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We know you are done with this game, more than a hundred times because you opened a lot of thread about it. But you are still here to spread negativity.

The way you are “talking” and your “ideas” are worthless. There was a lot of change in the past few weeks in team games. And there will be.

The most important stuff to the people like you is to leave the forums when you leave the game. Because the toxicity that you are spreading is not useful at all.

I hope you have fun in your current game.


You had multiple, multiple threads on specifically siege needing nerfs and then some on mangonel needing nerf. I find it weird to see that you now say mangonel are so trash they are dead.

In fact, besides multiple topics you started to cry incoherently over siege, you also have multiple threads complaining on team games (e.g. this thread is similar to your other topic complaining about 4on4), you complain about maps, you complain in a ton of repetitive threads about mongol balance which is just indirect complaining your can’t handle your main china, you complain about ranked season.

All you ever seem to do is complain. I opened some threads and literally nothing is constructive. At some cases it is just passive aggression towards the devs.

I checked this because post above said you do this quite often. And he is right. You also know this because in the past people have already pointed this out for you.

So my question, why should we even take you seriously? You give zero constructive feedback, you are never satisfied, you keep opening new threads on the same topic anyway.

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ik the feel but the issues are so infuirating that is understandable the reaction. So yeah the spam is justified and rational.

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