Team games just full of leavers...shared control and resource?

Something needs to change here. Every team game is just people get attacked and leave game over. 1 person attacked then leavers. then whole team leaves. Its this or a dump wonder turtle that you cant crack ever.
Other game if a person leave then the other players on the team have control of there base and there resource is shared among the whole rest of team. So you have a fighting chance if you got a leaver.

The issue is this game has no comeback feature. you lose to many villager or whatever and you never can come back and win. this is why everyone just leaves if they lose 6 villagers.
This game needs like a make villager at double speed and half price if you lose half or something like that. a little comeback feature to you give you a chance.
Also if a team member leaves then there resource and control is shared. This is basic stuff that SC2 has had for years man

Yea RTS games are hard and how lower your ELO is the more you play with people that just back out after 1 error on there own game… It sucks if you are still playing but sometimes you just need to accept a loss. If you play 4v4s with randoms there are high odds someone will drop due to low elo. I would suggest you play with lower numbers if you cant take it anymore.

It really does not matter if you lose 6 villagers late game or even early on… Sure you get an eco hit but this is the game… If you have more TCs mid game you can recover.

Why? This really does not make sense. Some factions have these buffs in the late game. Look at HRE.

Not sure if this should be basic feature in Aoe4. Killing a player in team games is a great strat. If a player is going to get wiped he can trade all is resources to his teammates anyway… Its there but you as a player need to do it and if you play with randoms you cant expect them to do this.

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I mean player control and shared resource if A PLAYER LEAVES. Not if there killed from all landmarks destroyed.
If say a player leave cause he lost 2 villagers. his base is still getting resorce and his units can still help win the game.

This is how SC2 works and it helps sometimes and some times it dosnt, Hard to mange 2 different bases and unit sets. BUT at least if 1 person in say a 4v4 leaves it isnt a instant death sentence. All the rest of the team can control and help build his unit or just use the base as a resorce mule (divided by the 3 players left on his team) helping to buff your own units.

You are rigth, something is missing to allow players to have a comme back.

Giving resourcess of leaving players, like in starcraft 2, was fast fix, but not the rigth answer.

Maybe alow game to have season cicle, forcing players to retreat to base on winter, because units need heat to survive, for example.

Or create a need for units to refill munitions or food, over time, making big amy very costy to keep on the field.

Maybe make unit die from stavation, maybe?

Rigth now, game is very unbalanced in many way, breaking the fun of playing a game.

That fun should not be limited at a 30 minuts mark, but when a player leave game.

Imo you want to implement a fix for something that only happens in certain situations (randoms together and low ELO/ Ragequits). The fix you propose doesn’t make much sense. Imo an AI should just take over like Comapany of hereoes does.

Dude, this aint a survial game… :rofl:

Please explain because I dont follow you.

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