Team games - Let us play how we want


I’d like to report something quite frustrating with the new team game system that prevents someone from taking out another players landmark(s) and therefore remove that player from the game. That’s alright in team games against real players, but man the AI is now close to impossible to defeat especially alone vs several other AI’s with this change as they are all helping each other rebuilding each others bases & their trading allows them to continue this for ever.

Please let us be able to chose whether or not we want to have this option turned on/off to make games against AI’s much more enjoyable, at least vs AI when playing alone. But also to give more options in the lobby to people who like to play with different options every now then to make it refreshing.

I literelly defeated the same AI 15 times because of this new issue now that an AI doesn’t give up once their landmarks are defeated. I had to attack all three AI’s at the same time, but it was close to impossible and quite frustrating to say the least.

Regardless give us the option to turn on/off this setting for further customization.


I was just doing a 2v2v2 vs AI on hardest. I understand this must be an issue if you aren’t going for Wonder or Sacred.

If all landmarks are down that should count though right? Τhe workaround I could see for this for now, although a little nuts, is build a tower/castle near every enemy landmark so that they can’t rebuild. Salt the earth you could say.

Also EPIC PROFILE PIC, ΥΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ! Can’t wait for them to make a Byzantine expansion one day.


It’s doable if you are playing together with other team members and coordinate your attacks as that’s needed otherwise it’ll be difficult to take them out, while making sure nothing is build at their base & move on to the next AI player and then do the same there as well etc.

However the biggest issue is that this removes the option to play solo vs 2 or more AI(s) as they will be unstoppable as you simply won’t have enough with resources or armies to control the whole map & their bases. Yes it’s not impossible but it’s really frustrating.

This can be resolved with giving us the option to turn on/off this for team games, at least in custom games. I understand in ranked team games they want to keep this to make it more fair for each players.

Thanks for the comment on my profile picture :slight_smile: I can’t wait for them to add Byzantines to this game, will make this fellow Greek like myself very happy indeed!

Has anyone else experienced the same issue specifically when playing against multiple AI’s that are on the same team?

I played a 2 vs3 ai game today and was the normal way, killed the land marks and they all died.

Probably if your playing quickmatch vs ai its the new way

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I played through the costum lobby together with my friends and it was the new way. What modes are this new team games condition activated and is there a way to play with friends with the old ways?

I haven’t had bad teammates in a co-op game since the new version, but I think it will basically be impossible for me now to win 1v2/3/4 against the hardest AI, given that I don’t rush it because I don’t find it fun to do the same thing game after game.

I’m wondering if even a top player can win 1v4 now, against hardest, if they aren’t allowed to attack for the first 30 mins.

I highly doubt this and honestly they didn’t think this through 100%. The AI keep rebuilding each others bases & spaming around villagers around the map, and I have to say that I like the previous landmark victory condition much more than this.

This now is just frustrating and not fun at all, at least against AI’s, no idea how it is against real players. A part of me feels like if you don’t defend your landmarks, and you die then you should learn from that and have better luck next time.

Now it feels like we will have 3-4 hours long games because of the new changes.

Its completely stupid design

Even on high-elo teamgames.

4 players full-comit into feudal (early caslte in HRE case for example) age to wipe out one enemy in order to be able deff 4:3 a bit later one once enemy is way ahead in economy or simply has way better units.

Now u are I would even say punished for trying to do organized push with teammates because your team will be so stupidly behind that by the time you at least destroy base of one enemy his teamates can easily counter-push you and be way ahead.

Its fine on open maps of course … But on closed ones? On Mountain pass? on French pass? RIP dreams

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Yes, I didn’t realize how much I’d dislike this change into team games and it’s making me want to play less right now.

I called it here:

They’ve to make it an option for everyone to play however they want, because I see this making the game much worse in team games.

Just played a near 2h game because of that, we killed the entire base of 2 of them (4), but the others ones were booming and came with imp units to retake the lost territory.

They didn’t success at all, but just gained time to their near killed allies.

The result is a 2h game where they just built tons of stone walls and spammed units to kill our siege.

A nonsense way of play a strategy game, spam units.

Indeed! They have to revert this it’s not working as intended.
Sounded good on paper, but in reality they should go back to let people learn how to defend their landmarks, period.

I found building keeps next to their landmarks helps when you defeat them, often they build at least 3 if not all 4 near eachother as well so 1 or 2 keeps usually does the job.

One change that would improve things a bit would be to show a player who has no currently standing landmarks with a dashed line through their name (or some other indicator). At the moment, the lines are never used until the game ends, so they never convey any information during a game.