Team games, Navy on Danube Map Strats and Questions

Hi all,

High plat/low diamond 1v1 Mongol main here.

I’ve started pulling some unorthodox dock play into my team games on Danube. One of which was a surprise demo ship ball to defend the choke point from a giant siege ball. Worked well and we pulled the game back, but sadly, we eventually lost to a wonder victory (we weren’t smart enough to go for a sacred victory to counter the wonder, oh well, fun game anyways!).

I’m wondering water wise the following things:

  1. Does yam speed aura apply to trade ships? I was wood starved late game and we had map control. I was smart enough to start up sea trade in order to get wood income, outside of my silk road, back.
  2. What are the stats for the swivel cannon springald ship upgrade (attack, range, attack speed, etc.)? The wikipedia seems to just have the springald attack on it. Does the swivel cannon do splash like an outpost cannon emplacement does?
  3. When using naval ships to mow down imperial unit mass balls (like french knights) in a choke point like on Danube but out of range of incendiary ships, which ship type is best? Warship? Springald ships with swivel cannon? Arrow ships? Assume ships are fully upgraded.

Thanks in advance!