Team games rant

Just a rant about recent ranked team game experience… So besides the twits that want to report me for resigning when I feel the game is lost:

I get a series of matches against guys with 200+ higher elo
A series of matches where my ally wants to micro manage my game “do this, come here, no dont go there, attack, fall back(why didnt you fall back faster), build this, you were rushing but why havent you simultaneously boomed as well,JUTS PLAY BETTER”
Lag, on top of everything, the game then lags
The same maps over and over, i dont mind black forest or arena once in a while, but i dont want to play 1hr+ matches back to back to back

And because I’ve had a stream of guys moaning when i resign, i feel reluctant to resign even when im having an awful time not responding to ally’s commands, playing with lag, and fighting against players i shouldnt be, on a map i’m sick of…

I love AOE, and ive always preferred team games (winning is supposed to be more fun when shared) but ffs this is getting out of hand

Edit: watched replay of last match, for 35 min of the game i fought 1v2(ally didnt help me, he was booming) while they attacked my cuman base, my base was rekt(eventually ally helped), then they kept raiding our trade routes, i couldnt get into the enemy base at all, and my ally gets angry when i want to resign because im the only one fighting paladin spam while he fights hussars

defo taking a break from team games…


Well that depends.

Are your allies roflstomping someone while you’re being stomped by your enemies? If this is the case, I think you should be called out for resigning prematurely. If not then, eh, just mute everyone and move on.

Not saying it is your case, but people tend to resign a lot for no reason (excluding disconnects of course), even if you say “no” to one of their requests (like “go there”, “delete that building so I can pass”, “don’t do that”, etc.). Random bossy people usually are bad/unskilled players and if you really had to 1v2 for a long time, then it is your ally’s fault and you’re fine.

Also people tend to resign the moment they see a large army into their very doorstep. This is a team game, you can turn this around. You can build behind and let your allies carry you while you recover.

What I’m saying is most people just had enough of whiny kids resigning for trivial or stupid reasons instead of just playing the game till the end and learning something from it. Again, not saying that is your case, as I don’t know the exact circumstances that made you quit.


Part of team games is also the communications. I feel most players lack this part completely or are premades. I would say it is quite normal to talk about what to do and how to help each other. I hope more players will do this. Even the pros will yell to each during team games to communicate about there movements.

I haven’t played teamgames for a while, mostly 1v1, but something that comes to my mind when I read the messages here is this : why do people have some much expectations from their teamates when they tag with random people ?

Telling you what to do in game. Telling you that you should not resign. I mean wth, you can do whatever you want. They decided to tag in 2v2 or 3v3 or 4v4 with people that they do not know, so they must accept the risk that people are not going to do exactly as they expect. If they want their teamates to be more in tune with them, they should make friends and get actual teamates for TGs, and play on voice chat.

I find there is this similar problem with teamgames like League of Legends. There is so much toxicity there because people tag with teamates they don’t know, and expect too much from them, tell them what to do or what to not do, flame them, etc…

I mean, if you can’t adapt to random teamates and accept to live with whatver they decide to do (resign early for example), find your own fixed teamates or play 1v1.