[Team Games] Your suggestion for 3v3 / 4v4 civs combo?

Everyone knows Team games is where most people engage yet no one talks about them on forums much.
But there are certainly more possible combos in team games with team cards and more.

Do Suggest any possible Civ combos that you use/prefer for 3v3 / 4v4 with your mates.

For me, its:
– Dutch, Portugal and India : on maps where many multiple fronts are possible like deccan.

– Japan Haussa and Sweden : is another combo we use that excels in brute force, for pushing enemies.

Russia, France and portugese, they really compliment eachother with team cards.

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This will not work against competent opponents, all 3 civs are slow.

For pushing your enemies, Lakota + Ottoman + Russia would be a good choice. Add Spain for 4v4.

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I would say for 3v3 Portugal, Ottomans, and USA, or Russia. 4v4 Portugal, Ottomans, Russians, and Dutch. Its more important if you get a good team then who everyone is playing, unless you are all non European civs and if the opposing team is all European

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Indeed, thats a great combo too for early rush.
Lakota raids + Janissry/abus+strelets

But on contrary if the early rush time is passed, which usually does in team games, mid late games, Maigidi+Landsknet+any suitable Japanese units also works fine.

Khmers, Celts, Koreans?, Persians? for Black Forest, for a devastative army full of SCORPS (and onagers)!
Japanese, Mayans, Turks/Chinese/Khmers/Incas for map control (typically on Arena, but would work on other maps as well)
Mongols, Huns, Cumans and some 4th civ for flexibility, rush… (typically on Nomad or open map)

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Japanese, Italians, Teutons/Goths for expanding your rac…civ! :grin:

  • Britons, Franks, Slavs, Chinese (/Poles) for a defense of Liberty and Human rights!