[TEAM MATCHMAKING] Fresh accounts should not start anywhere near Gold 2-3

I want to start off that I understand everyone starts somewhere. It is NOT fun to be playing 3v3 and a lone singular player on one team is very inexperienced. New fresh accounts regularly start playing with gold 3-plat 1 team games.

I want to get better at team games and half of my matches are either super competitive, or they have inexperienced players playing with people that at least have played 200+ matches. For them its probably not fun and for me it feels like I wasted my time. Please let me enable stricter matchmaking ranges when I want to play ranked.

I get it, but stricter matchmaking leads to longer queue times and hinders you getting better. playing only against players of similar skill might not push you to improve as much. facing tougher opponents helps you learn and adapt… If you want to improve you should focus on solo/duo, or practicing.

The difference between the guy that’s carrying and the guy that’s lagging behind, is that the guy who is carrying has almost perfected rushing, constantly building villagers, etc… he has also put in a lot of PRACTICE… Focus on a strategy to improve and then implement it in game and you will see results :slight_smile:

Its not fun for the person carrying. I also am not improving myself when I am playing against opponents so far off my skill level.

The whole point of having matchmaking/elo/mmr system its you playing against the same skill rate player

If you are gold and you are playing against bronze, system its failing

Being honest the game cant even properly test you and give you a proper rank, my peak its gold 3 playing against literally new players, now im silver 3 because my last matches were against veterans

Im not mad or angry because i lost a virtual rank, im mad because the game experience its terrible being outplayed on every single scenario macro micro timings everything its just bad, thats for weeks