Team mate firing onagers on us

Blue person, who was my team, destroyed my whole base with onagers while I was attacking other person. Name was Toshitoki. I had no wood to rebuild. He destroyed all my castles, villagers and TCs. Impossible to continue game. He said it was “just for fun”. That’s the second time I’ve encountered this kind of attitude and I’m still waiting for the time when we’ll be able to report/block users in game.


Friendly fire like that should earn you a week ban. I seen this happen back in AOE 2 2013.


You already can
There’s a ! button there for reporting players

But if I were you, I’d send the replay(s) to one of the mods to be able to punish him.


Hey @Fonbella,

We’re sorry to hear about your experience. As @ArshiaAghaei mentioned, there are several ways to report a player. Please see THIS support article.


What kind of person does something like that

A psychopath tbh.

This is different than messing up with a friend.


Not to take sides, but looking at the scores you guys already won and just waiting for the enemy to resign. Trolls are annoying, but if he waiting until game was basically done then doesn’t seem too bad.


Best play ever 1111
I will try it next game too. 111

Thanks, I sent an email since I already left the post-game screen and thus can’t find the troll player anymore. Thanks for the help.

You can search for his name on Steam.

Easy :slight_smile:

I dont really care about trolling in unranked games.

Not if it’s not a friend of yours.

It’s just such a bad move

Ouch. Swap sides would be cool too.

I had a player do this to me but with walls. I had to build trebs to knock down their walls.