Team mate just resigned because I did not build a wall as he wished

I just wanted to play a ranked team 3 vs. 3 match and I got Michi as map. It is ok if some players want to build a wall towards the woods where behind the opponent team is located. But I think it is useless because on Michi, when the oppenent team is able to detroy the woods then they are already in Imperial Age and got an Army and Siege. So a wall will not help at all. Instead outposts warn you and your team early when the opponent team starts to destroy the woods with siege. But this is just my oppinion and not the important point here. So I did not build a wall but started to build outposts.

So one player on my team, named “Duontech” (or something like that) started to demand me to build a wall as he did. As I did not responded he just resigned while the opponent team have not even started to get a way to us through the woods.

He said: “dudes learn how to play before ranked games” (or something like that).

Jesus Christ! Please tell me: What is wrong with so many players?!

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Unfortunately, there are players like this, and even worse. I had one who got mad and started to wall off our trade route. Another would create onagers to attack ground our vils and TC…

In combating these trolls, griefers, there should be a very long time ban for their first offense. Second offense = ban for life IMO. Also, when losing team with the griefers should not have their ELO be punished. That’s my 2c.

Lastly, the question you want to ask is not “what’s wrong with so many players?!” But rather, what’s wrong with people in general in today’s society. May I am just old and have seen too much, but I notice that today’s time is not the as it was when I was growing up as a kid.
Still, we have to press on. LIve life to our best potential… it’s the only thing and type of people worth living for.

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I agree with punishment part…it’s pretty annoying if people leave without a reason and get away with it. They should implement some kind of surrender vote…otherwise you are only allowed to leave until the enemy team has xy scorelead.

Not losing points because of a griefer isnt an option tho. If only 1 guy loses points there will be an inflation of rankedpoints…would only work if 1 guy loses the poibts for all of them…but this could lead to toxic games in the future where people try to force a mate to quit a game when they are about to lose, so they don’t lose points.

Premades could also abuse that too easily

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