TEAM Patriarchy increases Warrior Priest and Priestess' train points

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  • GAME BUILD #: 14.7908
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Mac / Linux

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	<tech name="HCCheapHealersTeam" type="Normal">
			<effect type="Data" amount="0.50" subtype="Cost" resource="Gold" relativity="BasePercent">
				<target type="ProtoUnit">AbstractHealer</target>
			<effect type="Data" amount="0.50" subtype="Cost" resource="Wood" relativity="BasePercent">
				<target type="ProtoUnit">AbstractHealer</target>
			<effect type="Data" amount="0.50" subtype="Cost" resource="Food" relativity="BasePercent">
				<target type="ProtoUnit">AbstractHealer</target>
			<effect type="Data" amount="0.50" subtype="TrainPoints" relativity="BasePercent">
				<target type="ProtoUnit">xpMedicineMan</target>
<!-- here
			<effect type="Data" amount="1.35" subtype="TrainPoints" relativity="BasePercent">
				<target type="ProtoUnit">xpMedicineManAztec</target>
			<effect type="Data" amount="1.35" subtype="TrainPoints" relativity="BasePercent">
				<target type="ProtoUnit">dePriestess</target>
			<effect type="TextOutput">49044</effect>

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

Those two effects seems to be disabled, they donโ€™t do anything, I guess.

I remember that card used to reduce the trainpoints for AbstractHealer, not just xpMedicineMan.

since the warrior priest and priestest are still abstracthealer , this just means that he decrease is not as big, so it only reduces by 15%

so might be just an intentional change

the medicine man thing might be a problem though

edit: oh w8 its missing an overall one for abstracthealer, yeah thats wat missing

Data\tactics\communityplaza.tactics.XMB :

    <name stringid="69177">SpawnMedicineManAztec</name>

    <maintaintrainpoints>45</maintaintrainpoints> <!--this line locks the trainpoints so it is not affected by tech modifications-->


that cant be the full story since the fencing school card was affecting the warrior priest train time such that they had to add a clause in for that.

If ti was just locked at 45 then thats either a recent change or that whole fiasco was basically dreamed up

edit: so i tried modding the effects of fencing school and yeah it doesnt change so it is locked but this wasnt always the case i wonder if they decided to do this after that whole fiasco

yeah, <maintaintrainpoints />is a new option since DE.