Team Ranked is a mess

Currently playing ranked team games is painful and incredibly frustrating. There are several reasons as to why.

  1. Poor matchmaking
    The algorithm doesn’t even try to even out the matchups, leading to extremely one-sided matchups.
    One time I had 2400 elo teammates as 1600 ELO, versing a team of sub-1000 ELO players. Another time, 1400 elo teammates against a 2k elo team. In both cases the matches were extremely onesided and very frustrating for the loser.
  2. Premades or bust
    If you try to queue in team games on your own, you’re almost bound to end up with the premades deciding the game. Whether it be a clan that does the same strat every time versing an uncoordinated mess, or that premade duo that dominates the game, it’s pain.
  3. Lack of players
    The first two kinda feed into this point, so I left it last. Because there are so few players, the algorithm struggles to find good matches, leading to a very poor experience whenever you come across a 2500 elo premade team that waited 20 minutes to get matched with anyone. Ironically, you can find a lot of casual team lobbies just fine.

Solutions? There are several

  1. Fix the quicksearch matchmaking.
    Even out the matchups as much as possible. Situations as stated above shouldn’t happen no matter what. In theory it should be a simple calculation of ELO ratings of each player, accounting for premade teams, then finding the matchup with the least ELO difference
  2. Ranked lobbies for team.
    We have them for treaty, and team games need them badly too. That way players know to avoid dealing with extremely bad matchups,
  3. Voice chat
    Much harder to implement, but it could even out the difference between premade teams and randoms, thanks to easier communication. Especially with the really high chat latency.

I’d love your feedback, and for the devs to help team games be great again, cause in the current state it’s anything but.


Note that they are completely broken ever since their release. So the devs would need to fix that first.

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I’m speechless… I genuinely don’t understand how something like this breaks even.

I don’t know how many threads I’ve made since 2021 regarding this issue, always ignored