Team Ranked lobbies

Team Ranked games have become a mess and next to unplayable due to lopsided teams.

It is a normal occurrence to see sub 1000 ELO players and pro players in the same match because the pros were waiting for so long to get a game.

If Treaty players can get them, team players deserve ranked lobbies too.

Problem with the ranked lobbies is that for some some reason it doesn’t counts the wins right. That’s why people don’t even rank most treaty matches because it doesn’t work and the devs don’t bother fixing it. I used to play treaty a lot but not as much now partly due to that and when no one plays ranked games you can’t balance a lobby. And me and my mate ALWAYS get the worst player in the match. So if they moved regular supremacy matches to ranked lobbies that must be fixed that the wins and losses are counted properly or it is a waste of time.


In fact you need to have fix teammate or friend to play team game together… it was mess from the beginning, I never play rank team game with random people after several games.

ranked lobbies makes skirmishes more balance and this would conduce to less people on ranked quee team games.
ranked lobbies makes many people rank on the map that they feel confortable and they always create lobby with the same map, i guess this can be solved having a ranking per map.
ranked quee must not find a match where there is a disbalance, very hard to do in a 3000 online community, but this maybe would atract more people to play quee ranked team game, at least me.
ranked on lobbies must be ranked per civilization, i could be luteniant lvl 22 using russia and be lvl 10 using aztecs
lobbies should have the option to automatically balance games using ranked per civilization and map, because its a waste of time to tell people that the skirmish is not fair please change to team 2 etc.
Ranking lobbie should have the option to only let enter people with the requested ranking by the host, so people is not entering and leaving the room constantly.
And for last ranked lobbies and ranked quee games should let people know that the map is loading even if dont have the game on screen, so we can browse on the internet while waiting. Its a waste of time to find a good match since always.

Bad idea. The host always have advantages. The host team will create a map based on their strength and preferences. They can have a good strategy on the picked map and pick the best civ for that map. But in queue they don’t know what map they are playing when choosing civ.

Some examples pick otto on anatolia, pick aztec/brit on no TP map, pick Portuguese /otto on water map, pick german/swedes on big coin mine map

However in ranked queue they pick a civ and map may end up not in their favour half the time so it is fair


You can easily fix this by locking the map selection to “all competitive maps” or similar.

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