Team Ranked Modes for Xbox

If I’m branching out to forums, it must surely be a requested thing amongst other players.

Are we going to get team ranked modes to Xbox? For clarification: 2v2, 3v3, 4v4.

The list of reasons why we should goes on and on so I won’t bore everyone with that, I would really like for the devs to just please give some kind of communication around this. Is it coming? Is it not? Will it be a while? Anything.

Me and the boys are loving this game. We’re a bunch of 30 year old dudes that haven’t played this game since we were 12. No chance I knew a build order back then. Now we are looking to get competitive, but together.

Would be so much #### fun. Please throw us a bone.


Agree and agree some more.

Me and my boys are also waiting for this to come. Surely some communication around the IF/WHEN.

I mean; we are preseason on Xbox. It came in Season 3 on PC.

Soooo, maybe the devs can let us know if it’s coming when season 1 starts mid Nov for Xbox?

It IS coming… right devs? :face_with_monocle:

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