Team walls - Should they be shared? [Poll included]

:arrow_forward: INTRODUCTION

Does anyone use walls on a regular basis?
I do, when I am not rushing I’m walling up to slow any cavalry raid from early to late game.
Thing is, when I am in team games, a few things get a bit awkward.

:arrow_forward: THE ANNOYING BITS

Have you ever been on a team game where 1 out of the 3 guys takes the initiative to wall up his pals, doing a great job, but he disconnects/quits and leaves you walled up, HE MADE NO GATES. :man_facepalming:

It happened 4 times now, which is weird, some guys forget to make gates after walling up and end up forcing you to make a HUGE turn around to move your army/settlers.

So why aren’t walls shared? Why not allow teammates to build gates on team walls?
After all, it belongs to the team.

Same deal when you try to join walls next to your teammate’s wall, why cant you join them at the wall columns or across like your own?

That would be a great quality of life change.

:arrow_forward: SUGGESTION

Maybe someone agrees with this, so, my suggestions for a future patch are:

  • Make walls reparable by all teammates.
  • Make available to build gates on a teammate wall .
  • Make wall able to be built across a teammate’s wall and joined at the columns like it was your own wall.

Pretty much make it so it’s your wall too, EXCEPT FOR UPGRADING WALLS, that would be weird and OP if it upgraded everyone’s walls, so NO.

:arrow_forward: POLL

With all of that said, what does this community think?

Opinion on shared walls
  • I would like walls to be shared like that.
  • I wouldn’t like walls to be shared, they would mess up my stuff.
  • I don’t find it necessary, just shrug it off.
  • I never use walls LOL.

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Thanks for checking this out :3


As a side note, certainly not to allow teammates to delete your walls, that will mess up everyone’s game.


Happened to me. My two teamates were fighting and one of them decided to wall us, then threatened to not build gates if the other guy doesn’t apologise (and the other guy didn’t). It was a 40min treaty game and it happened 5min before then end of treaty. Idk how ppl manage to be so toxic sometimes.


At least be able to build gates.


i think that what you suggest is just like an unicorn or a dream on age of empires 3. We cannot even put villagers to work steadily on an allied mill, because villagers stops working in a few seconds, now imagining that shared walls can be done, its like believing on unicorns


I am pretty sure you can delete a teammate who is OUT buildings.


I can confirm this. You can indeed delete all buildings (possibly units) of allied players that are OUT.

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Didn’t test that myself, good that they don’t allow you to destroy them when they are still alive tho.

Not sure about the gates part, but the other two are amazing ideas and I see zero reason not to include them. (I voted the second option by accident)


Ok, it’s been a month, and I’ve just played a 2v2 game, which sucked, I won, but it still sucked. ¬¬

The guy wouldn’t make gates on front of my base (Which he kindly walled up) which is an issue since I can’t micro as well as I would by having only 1 small entrance, he was a noob, which is ok, but still, he was acting like a jerk. Literally in the 40 minute game I asked him 15 times to make some F-ing walls! :persevere:

I asked gently the first 5 times, then I asked if he spoke english o si habla español, he said both, so I asked again, gently, then by the 9nth time I was getting sick of this whole deal, you get the idea, he didn’t even tell me if he had no wood to build them (Which he did, as I sent him 300 for gate expenses).

Anyway, I managed to raid the heck out of the other 2 guys settlers by going behind their bases with Portuguese hussars and defending my base with cazadors, they barely attacked him, but at least I won, which makes this a whole less awful.

Clearly walls should at least let you build gates if they are shared as a team, so pretty please devs, look into this :cry:
This would be a very different story if he had locked me up entirely O_o