Teambonuses only in Teamgames

Since the Game is mainly balanced around 1v1, wouldn’t it make sense to make Teambonuses only take effect in teamgames, and then we could give civs that are weak in teamgames a better Teambonus. That way you could make balanced civs for 1v1, and then use the teambonus to help weak teamgame civs.

I’m not saying what these teambonuses should be etc. just arguing that teambonuses that only work in teamgames would make it easy to balance civs for teamgames without changing the 1v1 balance.


This may imply a very relevant nerf for some civs, especially Vietnamese, even if I do not dislike the idea too much

Do vietnamese need imp scirms in 1v1?
Jea The bonuses would have to be switched and changed for balance with the new system of course.
This would be a lot of work and the current situation isn’t too bad, i just thought it’s weird they didn’t do it like that from the beginning. (because they could even decided to not give a team bonus to every civ)

I’m more worried about all the civs with % increase in production speed. That’s a lot of units to lose.


I am pretty sure that would mess with quite a lot of Custom Scenarios and therefore I wouldnt really like it.


Then there’s the matter of italian condos

Team bonuses are fine as is I believe - the idea is appreciated and in a way would work - but I would have to disagree with its implementation

As for its effects on 1vs1 - it would be a fairly large nerf to many civs

Team bonuses are also used for balance in 1v1. Just deleting them for 1v1 will shake up the balance, which is bad.

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I never said anything about implementation. I know we couldn’t just change the teambonuses to be only for teamgames.

I just meant that that would be a possibility to balance teamgames, implementing a bonus that only works for teamgames. Not necessarily the current teambonus

imp skirm’s main use is in 1v1

why would you make trash units in teamgames?

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Makes sense, i just never play vietnamese i guess. Figured if i go scirms it’s against crossbows and then the elite scirm should be enough.
But jea then that could be a teambonus and normal bonus, or just a normal bonus. (in teamgames vietnamese are quite good after all)

The Team Bonus is a civ bonus that also applies to the Team.